Every semester, Uplands Nation advertises a number of scholarships. As a member, you are eligble to apply for these.  New scholarships are going to be announced later in the autumn. More information about this will come.

If you have questions regarding the scholarships, contact


The scholarships for are now open for applications. Last day to send in the application is Sunday the 16th of May. You use the same form for all of the scholarships. When you have filled it in, you can either hand it in at the curators office or send it to:

Uplands nation

Scholarship Secretaries

S.t Larsgatan 11

753 11 Uppsala

To be able to apply, you have to be a student at Uppsala University or other university or higher education, depending on what the statutes of the scholarships stipulate. If you are claiming certain merits, you also need to hand in proof of them. 

Any applications that are not signed, lacks signature or are unreadable will not be processed!

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Application form

Remember to write clearly and good luck with the applications!

S:t Larsgatan 11 • 753 11 Uppsala