The Landskap is the highest deciding organ of the Nation. At the Landskap, any issues can be brought up by the attending members of the Nation, ranging from changing the statutes to elect members for positions at the Nation.

Since the Nation is built like a non-profit organization, all positions are appointed through votes of confidence. The meeting is lead by the chairperson of the Landskap, and if the chairperson cannot attend the vice chairperson steps in, and after that the First curator takes over. The meeting follows the agenda that has been sent out with the summons to the Landskap and the matters are treated in that order.

At every Landskap, two adjustors of the protocol are elected as well as two vote counters. The adjustors task is to make sure that the final protocol is correct regarding all details. When the protocol has been approved, it needs to be signed by the chairperson, the keeper of minutes and the two adjustors.

Dates for this semester's Landskap

Landskap II 30th of March

Landskap III 25th of May

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Urtima Landskap 15 October

On October 15th we held an Urtima Landskap (extraordinary Landskap) to vote about the regulations for early voting. The regulations were accepted and can be found here: Unofficial translation of the regulations for early voting.

The next Landskap will be held on the 30th of March, 7pm. The Landskap will be held over Zoom. This time voting over Zoom will be allowed as well. If a closed vote is requested that election will be postponed to the next Landskap so that we have time to come up with a working solution for that. For this Landskap we will put forth a suggestion for changing the bylaws. Unfortunately, the bylaws are only availble in Swedish an can be found on the Swedish version of this page.

On this Landskap we will also vote about a raised membership fee for the Nation. The suggestion and the explanation is available from the link below.

Suggested decision for raised fee

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