Greta Arwidsson (1906-1998) was a Swedish archaeologist, born and raised in Uppsala. She was elected as a female klubbmästare at Uplands Nation in 1927. In order to appreciate her achievements as a scholar, we decided to take her name for our restaurant, run by both female and male clubmasters.

Our idea was to create a place with a cosy atmosphere and a menu with flavourful dishes, that lightens up the mood (and warms up the bellies) in this gloomy time of the year.

This year is special for many reasons and we do our best to provide safety to our guests and staff. In order to avoid crowds, we recommend booking a table. We follow the current restrictions and recommendations.


Gretas will be open every Friday from 16 until 22 and it is located in the house. Entrance is from Sankt Larsgatan. Svantes, the pub, is open as usual, with the entrance from Sysslomansgatan.


For the first time, Uplands Nation is implementing a takeaway system in all of our activities. Contact or send a message via our page on Facebook to order your takeaway or book a table.


Fridays                                Closed


S:t Larsgatan 11 • 753 11 Uppsala