The café is named after the  Nation’s first female Club master, Ebba Lundquist, who was active 1926 – 1927.  Ebba’s café started for the summer of 2020 and is the Nation’s daily activity. In the café, you can get both food and fika to affordable prices. The café is open for everyone so there is no requirement to have a Nation card.

The café is run by our Kitchen master  together with two Fika hosts. The Fika hosts are responsible for planning and scheduling as well as making sure that café is staffed. To help them , they have the Fikateers that are elected to help run the café.

If you like baking and meeting people, this is the perfect activity! Working  in the café is a good way to learn what it’s like to work in the Nation’s activities.


Do you want to know more? Send an email to our Kitchenmaster at km@uplandsnation.se. If you are already convinced that this is something that you want to do, send an email to our election committee at val@uplandsnation.se!

Ebba Lundquist, Klubbmästarinna 1926 - 1927.

S:t Larsgatan 11 • 753 11 Uppsala