The regulatory documents describes how the Nation works with different things. They include everything from the statutes of the Nation to descriptions of the posts. We are working on translating them to English. The ones that have been translated so far are available on this page.

Please not that the translations of all these documents are unofficial. In case of conflict, the Swedish version always precides. 


The statutes constitutes the foundation of the Nation. They stipulate how the Nation is supposed to function. Unfortunately, there is no translation of them but they are available in Swedish on .

Work orders

The work orders describe how the work in the Nation’s board and the committees of the board shall be handled.

 Post descriptions

The post descriptions shortly describes what the different positions you can have at the Nation entails. To see which post are up for election right now, click here.

Unfortunately not all are translated yet.

Activities auditor



Assistant culture chief

Assistant librarian


Banner carrier

Board member


Chairperson of the board

Chairperson of the Election Committee

Chairperson of the Landskap

Christmas at Uplands host

Club master

Culture chief


Equality ombud

Fika host



Graphic designer

Head of the choir

Head waiter


Information chief

International secretary


Keeper of minutes

Kitchen chief



Member of the culture committee

Member of the election committee

Member of the library committee

Member of the property management committee

Member of the property board

Member of the scholarship committee

Nation chaplain

Nation lawyer

Nation photographer

Nation translator

Pea host

Pub host

Recentiors host

Rental manager

Responsible publisher

Scholarship secretary

Song leader 

Spex master

Sport chief


Summer kitchen chief

Summer pub host

Vice chairperson of the Landskap

Webb editor


Regulations are prepared by the board and approved on a Landskap. For the full timer positions, there are specific regulations that describe what the work entails. The regulations are also stating how the Nation’s benefits should be given, as well as how the committees should work.


The policies of Uplands Nation covers wide areas. These are to be seen as guidelines for how the work at the Nation shall be conducted.

Equality plan

Environmental policy

Plan for handling crisis

Policy for per capsulam decisions

Policy for representation

Policy for sick-leave

Policy for vacation

Rental policy

Translation policy

Work environment policy


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