As we are sure everyone knows, this year will be very special. From our view, this makes Christmas at Uplands even more important. We do however request that everyone that has a home to be in only comes to pick up food. We want to be able to keep the house open but that is dependent on that we do not have too many visitors at any given time. 

Guest will be let in in smaller groups and will be able to sit down for about an hour. After that they will be asked to leave to make room for the next group so that we can provide warmth for as many people that need it as possible. Please help us in making this possible. Do not enter the house if you do not need it. 

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers we will also be able to offer delivery this year. If you want delivery, send an email to including what you want (food, Christmas gifts, hygiene products) as well as your address and phone number.

If you want to donate money, you can do so to BG 230-4319, marking the payment with "Jul". Since we need to spend more money on safety equipment, such as face masks, we need all the extra money we can get.



Uplands Nation has since 1969 opened the doors to the Nation during Christmas for anyone that wants to come and celebrate Christmas. Christmas at Uplands is open both on Christmas eve and Christmas day. We offer everyone holiday spirits with free Christmas food, fika, Christmas trees and entertainment as well as activities for children and a Santa for the smallest.

The event is entirely free of drugs and alcohol and is completely non-profit for the Nation. For us, it is a big and important responsibility to be able to offer this every year, and to be able to do that we need your help.


When Christmas is approaching, we need volunteers for the Christmas holidays. We are also looking for people that can help us with entertainment such as music and singing. Do you want to volunteer? Do you just want to know more? Join our Facebook-group for more information. You can also contact us through


Monetary donations are very appreciated and can be given to bankgiro 230-4319. Mark the transfer with “Christmas”. We are also accepting donations such as food, clothes and hygiene articles. Of these, the clothes are the most needed. Especially warm clothes in large sizes is very appreciated!



We have discussed the Christmas with regards to the current situation together as fulltimers and have decided upon the following (unless something drastically changes):

- The house will be open for 40 people at a time. These will get to sit in the Grand hall, where the food will be placed on the respective seating’s. Each group can stay for one to two hours after which they exit through the garden. In the garden we aim to have clothing racks where our guests can take what they need.

- We are also hoping to enable some kind of delivery of food and care packages. It is depending on interest among volunteers and potential guests in general as well as how to administer it.

- Any volunteers will be equipped with face masks and similar equipment for protection.

Since the event is focused on food, the same regulations will apply for this as for the restaurants. There will of course be hand sanitizers and soap available everywhere. We will also be strict with the importance of not coming if you are the least bit of sick or in a risk group, both for volunteers and guests.

We are of course aware that things might change to the effect of us having to cancel it entirely, but all of us full timers agreed that we want to try. With this decision it will be easier for us to start the actual work. If you have any questions about it you can always send me an email on or by commenting here.

If you want to volunteer, fill in this: 

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